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My Corona journey - part 2 - getting tested

After having a positive self-test result, I knew that I have to get an official test. I inquired what possibilities there are for people who feel ill. There are is no alternative. You “just” have to get in your car and get to a test center. So apparently this is why I still have a car. That is ridiculous. There is no other option. After 2 years of pandemic that is how such situations are handled… So, I got in my car to get someone poke in my nose. I think she might have found some of my brain. That is how deep she went into my nose. That was not the first test I got, but that lady was thorough. I have honestly no understanding for this. I got a positive result with a home test without torturing myself. So why do they need to do this? Why should anyone voluntarily get tested if it feels like this. Why should I just not tell anyone and stay at home until I feel better. After 2 years they have found no other way to test people… So, I sat there crying, after a weekend of pain, driving to a test that I only had to get because I was stupid enough to do three self-tests at home (this is what you get when you are a curious person…). As a sign of appreciation to follow the rules you get some more pain.

Back home, I started to realize that my kidneys hurt. I had some pain in that area the days before as well, but I could not single it out, because all was hurting. The pain did not disappear, I started googling. I know, don’t ask dr. Google. I still did. It seems like Corona may affect the kidneys and it can get serious. So, after some hesitation I called my GP. I talked to the assistant of the GP. That was a fun experience too. She was very helpful, don’t get me wrong. I should bring a urine sample. But I am not allowed to leave the house and I am alone. So, I could not provide what they would need to check what is going on. To avoid me driving around (illegally, to get medical help!!!), the doctor suggested to just give me antibiotics since they assumed that I may have a kidney infection. How to get my medication, though? I have not jet registered with a pharmacy and I am not allowed to leave the house. The solution we found was that they use the house pharmacy and send the medication via post. It will take about 2 days until I get it.

Some info I got several days down the line. I still have not left the house to get the medication. That is also because I talked to a friend who works in a (Corona) hospital. She talked a doctor about my kidney issue. The doctor stated that I should not take antibiotics without having my kidneys tested. So, I have not taken any medication.

Just thinking out loud. I am not surprised that people need intensive care if they are not getting medical treatment. I understand that Corona patients should not go to the GP. Though why are there not services helping Corona patients? When I traveled to Uganda, we were told to report malaria symptoms early one as that is relevant for treatment. So, I did. And even if the professor at that trip (was a university course) did not want me to cause delays in the travel schedule, I insisted to see a doctor. I had malaria, got treated and this is why it was not all too bad. When I get a migraine, I know I have to treat it right away, otherwise no amount of painkiller will help (and if it is very bad, I would anyway just vomit, and all the paracetamol ends up in the toilet). I am just a layperson, but I would think that timely treatment is essential. I would also think it is essential that a doctor sees the patient, makes tests, etc. if need be. I guess I would get to see a doctor, but only when I am in a bad condition already. That is a very weird way of handling this.

On Monday I have informed my employer that I am ill and that I may need some days. At that point I did not know for sure I had Covid. I am a bit upset that not much support came from my workplace. A get well soon is fine. Though, my employer knows that I am alone in this country and asking if I need anything would have been welcomed. Especially, after I already on Monday indicated that it might be Corona and that this would mean quarantine. No one from my workplace asked if I needed support with food or medication. No one checked up on me. If I collapsed in my flat, they would have no way to find out. For me showing care for employees is a sign of appreciation. I am quite disappointed that the first reaction I got was a hint to how I can register my sick days. No more support was offered than that. One would expect that either a person within the university appointed for such things would regularity check on the sick person (who is all alone), or that the supervisor is doing that. But nothing. That is telling.

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