Scientific publications

  • Biely, K.; Mathijs, E.; Van Passel, S.: (2019):  Causal loop diagrams to systematically analyze market power in the Belgian sugar value chain. In: AIMS Agriculture and Food 4 (3).

  • Biely, K.; Maes, D.; Van Passel, S. (2018): Market Power Extended: From Foucault to Meadows. In: Sustainability 10(8), 2843; 

  • Brzezina, N.; Biely, K.; Helfgott, A.; Kopainsky, B.; Vervoort, J.; Mathijs, E. (2017): Development of Organic Farming in Europe at the Crossroads: Looking for the Way Forward through System Archetypes Lenses.  In: Sustainability 2017, 9(5), 821; doi:10.3390/su9050821

  • Biely, K.; Maes, D.; Van Passel, S. (2018): The idea of weak sustainability is illegitimate. In: Environment, Development and Sustainability, 20(1), 223;



  • Biely, K.; Von Münchhausen, S.; Van Passel, S. (N.Y.): Vertical integration as strategy to increase value absorption by primary producers: the Belgian sugar beet and the German rapeseed case

  • Biely, K. & Van Passel, S. (N.Y.): Market power and sustainability: A new interdisciplinary research agenda

  • Biely, K. (N.Y.): System level greenwashing: Explaining the resistance to the sustainability transition based on systems thinking.



Biely, K. (2020): Market power and sustainability: a novel approach. PhD Thesis, Hasselt University

Biely, K. (2015): Environmental and Ecological Economics: Two approaches in dealing with economy-environment interrelations and the case of the Economics of Land Degradation initiative. Diplomarbeit, Universität Wien.

Other publications


Blog contributions

Conference Presentations

  • The 13th International Farming System Association conference: 01.-05.07.2018

    • Power imbalances in the Belgian sugar beet market: employing systems thinking for a supply chain analysis

    • Vertical integration as future strategy to increase value absorption of primary producers: the Belgian sugar beet and the German rapeseed case

  • The 12th International European Forum (Igls-Forum) (163rd EAAE Seminar) on System Dynamics and Innovation Food Networks: 05.-09.02.2018

    • The structure determines power imbalances: insights from systems thinking by means of the sugar beet case in Belgium

  • 6th Conference of the Italian Association for Agricultural and Applied Economics: 15.-16.06.2017

    • The Flemish sugar beet sector: a systems thinking perspective. 

  • ​56th GEWISOLA: 28. – 30.09.2016.

    • Poster: ​

  • 22nd International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference: 13.-15.07. 2016

    • Examining the effect of market power on sustainability: adding another market failure to the sustainability discourse

  • 11th International Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics: 30.06.-03.08.2015

    • The impossibility of a fundamental transformation of the economic system in times of economic down turn: The example of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Green Economy Initiative.

  • LUCID Early Career Researchers Conference: 08-10.10.2014

    • The United Nations Environment Programme’s Green Economy initiative: shifting the concept with the financial crisis of 2008

  • 7th Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference: 08-12.09.2014

    • Underlying economic concepts of the Economics of Land Degradation Initiative – an example of good collaboration between two different schools of thought?

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