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My corona journey - part 5 - recovery

When I had this bad migraine, I got a bit scared that every time I would do something too exhausting, I would get a headache (migraine), just as it was in my childhood. Though, in my childhood that neither made me refrain from doing sport. Nevertheless, I remember how tough it was to go through this pain several times a week and I was not keen on going through this again.

Monday is home-office day, so I only had to get up at 6.30. Despite the rather rough night, I woke up without problems. It was the first attempt to work a full day. I even managed to work overtime that day. After work, I went to the boulder gym where I practice yoga on Mondays. My yoga practice was a bit challenging, as I felt that I was tired. But I managed to do the full primary series. Tuesday to Thursday I usually work at the University. Thus, on Tuesday I got up at 5.45 and biked to university just as I usually would. It is a 40–45-minute bike ride and I was a bit scared that I would not manage it. Though being able to practice yoga the evening before increased my confidence. At the end of the day, all I can do is try. I was happy that I managed to bike without problems as it increased my confidence that all will be fine. After work, I practiced yoga again, but it was very tough. I almost wanted to give up, but I managed to do the whole primary series. Though, towards the end, I toned it down a notch, as I had no energy left. On Wednesdays after work, I usually go bouldering, which I did. However, I clearly felt the illness. I could not climb as hard as I wanted to and after doing some power moves my heart was pumping as if it would explode. I had to breathe heavily as if I had just run a marathon. I had to accept that I am recovering and that I have to take it easy. On Thursday when the alarm went off, I felt a bit dead. Nevertheless, I biked to work. After work, I wanted to practice yoga, but I was too tired and spent the evening eating. That felt so good. On Friday I clearly felt that I had been ill and that I pushed quite hard the other days. That was my approach. Pushing. I just wanted to see what is possible and I wanted to make sure that the virus understands that this is not a place to stay. I know, a bit silly…

Usually, on Fridays, I go bouldering after work, but I was too tired. Also, I had to do some more work and my laptop crashed. So, I spent the rest of the day dealing with my broken laptop and getting some more work done. Saturday at first felt like a horrible day but it turned out to be an awesome one. I still felt tired from pushing myself a bit too hard. And I almost did not want to get up because I was not in the mood to deal with my still broken laptop. The weather was great and I was annoyed that I would not have the time to go to the beach because I had to attend to the laptop problem. At the mac-store, they told me that repairing it will cost more than 600€, but that I have to return with an appointment. So, I left to do my groceries. On the way there I lost a part of my bike stand. Luckily the bike shop is next to the grocery store. They could not repair it though, because they did not have the right sized replacement. I was annoyed by all of this, but hopeful. Repairing my laptop would cost much, but less than a new one and my bike stand will get repaired soon as well. Back home, my laptop out of a sudden worked again. Later when I had the appointment at the mac-store they stated it would be better to just leave it and hope it will be fine. Thus, no repair for now. On the way back home, I even found my bike stand again! Life is great. What a roller coaster…

On Sunday I met my climbing buddy to finally do some rope climbing. It had been two weeks without rope climbing. I was very enthusiastic. Though, quickly I had to realize that my body would not allow me to climb as hard as I wanted to. 6a was the max and I was even troubled in easier routes. I would start to shiver after some time in the route and I was fighting to not lose grip. Realizing that my body effuses to go harder than 6a, I kept it at that level and just worked on getting my endurance back. Clearly, the recovery will take some time. After climbing I usually do some more exercises, strength, and stretching. I managed to do my program. However, I felt very exhausted, my heart was pumping like crazy. Since the weather was still great, I finally wanted to go to the beach, which I did. A day full of movement. I felt so tired, but the sun, the flowers, the birds, just beautiful nature made me enjoy it to the fullest. I have not been swimming in the ocean for some time now (last time somewhen in December). Thus, I have to get my body used to the cold again. Therefore, I just went barefoot along the beach, occasionally walking through the cold water. The beauty of nature replenished my empty batteries. How much have I missed this!

Thus, my post-Covid week was a bit bumpy and I do feel the tiredness. But since I pushed myself quite hard, I am happy to realize that all will be good. I would say that the tiredness is normal after being ill and that I will have to give my body some time to recover.

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